Aries Season | restart button + fresh start

Aries Season

There’s nothing like a cosmic fresh start with the weather getting warmer + daylight savings time behind us. The temperatures in Milwaukee are very spring-like right now, and the longer days filled with light have been a dream come true.

Thanks to this shift, this is the time we feel the momentum + push to get things done. If you’re feeling like it’s New Year’s Day mixed with spring cleaning vibes, you too are feeling the energy of what Aries gifts us.

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During this season you will most likely do things that seem rather aggressive + bold — run with it rather than hesitate. When the warmer weather seems inviting, don’t just go all of what nature has to offer. Take this time to accomplish your goals + level up your life this next month. The Aries energy will gift you the push to take on a new project, possibly even something that didn’t even seem attainable before. Realize that there is a way to take that on while finding even more things that you can accomplish with this newfound excitement.

Remember this season — there’s no time to be held back; you’ve got a lot to accomplish.

Aries Traits

Are you an Aries baby?

You’re the first sign in the zodiac, so it’s no surprise that you’re rather energetic while on the hunt to be the first in everything — both professionally + socially. You’re courageous, wildly determined, confident, glass half full, very honest, + crazy passionate about whatever makes you tick.  Just like Leo + Sagittarius, Aries is one of the most active signs. Have you noticed that sometimes you take action before you really even think about it? I can definitely relate to this as I’m an Aries, and my husband + almost 10 year old daughter are both Leos. 

The ability to organize + finish many tasks at once isn’t uncommon and most often something you can accomplish much quicker than anyone else. It’s one of your greatest strengths but when challenged with others that can’t keep up with your pace, this often opens the door to impatience + aggressive behavior. You simply want to jump in to tackle the tasks yourself. You don’t understand inactivity or delays as neither of these things define you.

Since you rule with the head, leaning forwards for speed + focus pairs well with your goal-setting mindset. You’re naturally brave + rarely afraid of trial or risk which only helps ignite your youthful energy.

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Aries Stones

AQUAMARINE | While you’re working on more than most, it’s important to be reminded that having a bit more courage + a mindset that you can handle anything that is thrown your way. This stone offers just that.

JADE | Since you always take on more than most, it would only make sense that you would greatly benefit from a stone that will help soothe your mind from all of the moving parts. This stone also helps with inner peace + good luck.


Whether you’re an Aries or not, enjoy this opportunity + push what this cosmic fresh start has gifted us. I encourage you to remember that even if what you’re taking on seems unattainable, if your mindset + message to the universe speaks otherwise, anything is possible.

If you’re an Aries, comment below. I’m the 17th!