Aquarius Season | innovation + socializing


It's time to get out there with a new look on life, fueled by a desire to better the world around us! Aquarius season is bringing in a dose of energy revolving around originality + collaborating with others. Get ready to focus on innovation for the future. 

You may feel like challenging the status quo more this season, and I hope you lean into that. This is where some of the best ideas are born! The aquarius energy also comes with the ability to speak your mind more freely which will help you bring those ideas out. Do you tend to be more introverted? Time to let those thoughts be shared. Extrovert? This season is made for you — use your love of socializing to its fullest to help bring these new ideas out! 

The Aquarius energy will give you the confidence to reach out to other people that you don’t normally spend time with. This is the perfect time to make new relationships or strength the bond between yourself + people you haven't gotten to know fully yet. Maybe you feel the urge to join a new group with people that have similar interests! Book clubs, work outings, local neighborhood associations... Keep a lookout for opportunities to socialize with new people. 

Remember this season — growth doesn't happen in your comfort zone. 

Aquarius | Infinite Warrior


You excel at being friends with many different groups since you have a very open-minded attitude towards life. Curious, smart, + quirky are words your friends or family would use to describe you, and those personality traits are why people love being around you.

Keeping things different + new is something you love, and monotony is your downfall. Though even if you dislike tediousness, your patience + clear ideas will keep you focused to help reach your goals. A big part of you strives to help better the world around you for the greater good, and achieving some of those ideas will help you stay fulfilled. 


Which stones will help guide you this season? Let's take a look. 

AMETHYST | Perhaps in order to open your mind to invite new ideas in, you are in need of some inner peace. Amethyst will help heal soul, body, + mind in order to help you use this aquarius energy. 

AQUAMARINE | Are you open to implementing new ideas or to get out there + meet new people? Use aquamarine to boost your confidence and reduce your inner fears. 

HEMATITE | If new ideas + constant energy are your thing, maybe you need a little grounding to help you focus! Hematite will aid in overall balance for your life while also strengthening your focus + concentration. That way you can weed out your best ideas for the season. 

TURQUOISE | Our trusted friendship stone — turquoise. If you would like to focus on your social outreach this season, use this stone to strengthen your intentions. 


amethyst aquamarine hematite turquoise | Infinite Warrior

I wish you all the best for your goals this season + I hope you are able to kindle your relationships you'd like to focus on.

Love + Light,