2022 Wedding Collection

Happy Wedding Season!

There are 2.5 million weddings happening in 2022... the most since 1984! So whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or a guest, this collection has been picked to match the trending colors of the season! 

2022 Wedding Color Trends | Infinite Warrior

ROSE QUARTZ | The dusty pinks of Madagascar rose quartz + pale pinks of traditional rose quartz are a big hit this season. It couldn't be the more perfect stone to be paired at a wedding since it is known as the love stone — filling the wearer with a feeling of love + euphoric loving environment. 

PREHNITE + JADE | The soft, romantic colors of eucalyptus are still going strong, and they remind us of spring! Prehnite is here to support the wearer who continuously outpours unconditional love. You can't fill up other's cups if yours isn't filled too! Jade is the stone of luck and also increases love + peace. 

CLEAR + GOLD DRUZY QUARTZ | The ultimate colors to match any outfit, the hues of clear quartz and gold druzy are sure to be a staple. If you are looking to intensify any of healing stone properties, clear quartz is here to help. It's known as the "master healer" and works to magnify any of your intentions. Both of these quartz stones are also vibrationally lifting in both energy + mood... very helpful if you plan to dance the night away! 

2022 Wedding Color Trends | Infinite Warrior

SMOKY QUARTZ | Black tie affair anyone? This is another from the quartz family, so not only will it also be giving you an energy boost, it will gift you a happy mindset. This will allow room for acceptance of any new life shifts + help to keep you balanced. 

MOONSTONE | This is a special one for any future moms out there since it helps in pregnancy multiple ways, but also for any women who feel they need help balancing their hormones each month. Not only does it come in a variety of shades that will match any outfit, but it aids in happiness, love, + inner strength — something that we all need everyday. 

HEMATITE | The stone I always have on my wrist, hematite is great for overall balance + increasing your focus. It's also a memory enhancer which is bound to help you keep all your wedding + party memories fresh! Because these are the moments we all should treasure. 


So how many weddings are you headed to this season? Even if you aren't, all of these colors are giving off spring vibes, and I can't wait for the first buds to start appearing on the trees here in Wisconsin! 

Love + Light,