2021 Holiday Shopping Guide

Need Some Shopping Inspiration?

We’ve curated a shopping guide of a few of our favorites that make for the perfect gift this holiday season! Whether you're shopping for moms, sisters, teachers, husbands, friends... we've got the perfect suggestion for you! 

Holiday Gift Guide | Crystal kit jasper hematite tiger eye amazonite

1 | Fancy Jasper + Gold Rings Bracelet

One of our most popular stones! This is perfect for the person who puts everyone before themselves; it encourages self‑care, offers tranquility, and awards the supreme nurturer. Great for: teachers + moms

2 | Tiger Eye + Center Stone Bracelet

Tiger Eye is a favorite for both men + women. It reduces fear + anxiety, provides clear thinking + willpower, and is very protective of your physical body. Great for: guy friends + husbands

3 | Faceted Amazonite Healing Stone Bracelet

Best Seller ALERT! Amazonite quiets a racing mind, encourages self‑love, and inspires creativity. Great for: students + first time healing stone wearers

4 | Gunmetal Hematite + Gold Rings Bracelet

This gunmetal + gold Hematite is the best of both worlds when it comes to mixing metals, and it matches pretty much everything! It’s a very grounding stone that strengthens the ability to focus + gives confidence. Great for: men + anyone working stressful jobs

5 | Crystal Starter Kit | Smudging + Cleansing

Five pieces to get you started on your crystal journey! Each crystal includes a beautifully designed card, which makes it that much easier to gift or keep for yourself! Great for: hostess gift + crystal lovers

Holiday Gift Guide | jasper moonstone rose quartz aquamarine lava amazonite

6 | Madagascar Rose Quartz Healing Bracelet

This stunning stone fills the wearer with feelings of love! It encourages a happy mindset, while lifting both mood + energy. Great for: sisters + teen girls

7 | Cream Moonstone + Brass Ring Bracelet

Moonstone is perfect for someone who travels frequently or maybe has some big changes in their life. It’s all abundance of love + happiness, new beginnings, and safe travel. Great for: someone who travels for work + new moms

8 | Aquamarine + Center Stone Healing Bracelet

Stone of the Sea! It offers tranquility + peace, and is very protective both in the water and in life. Great for: lake or ocean lovers + anyone needing a little calm in their life

9 | Matte Amazonite + Lava Healing Bracelet

A very popular style for both men + women! Amazonite quiets the mind, while Lava offers guidance + enhances creativity. You can also add essential oils to the Lava beads, which helps the oils absorb faster into the skin. Great for: teachers + men

10 | Zebra Jasper + Heart Charm Bracelet

Jasper absorbs any negative energy + is a great reminder for self‑care. The sterling silver heart is a symbol of love, intuition, and truth. Great for: moms + best friends

Holiday Gift Guide | moonstone aquamarine lava hematite palo santo selenite labradorite jade

11 | Cleansing Duo | Palo Santo + Selenite

These two pieces help to absorb unwanted energies. Use Selenite to cleanse + recharge your crystals and bracelets. Use the smoke of Palo Santo to smudge your space + crystals. It’s the perfect addition to your healing stone bracelet collection! Great for: crystal lovers + new healing stone wearers

12 | Unicorn Labradorite + Pyrite Center Bracelet

I’m always amazed by the rainbow effect this stone gives! Labradorite calms an overactive mind and relieves stress + anxiety. Great for: students + people needing anxiety relief

13 | Rondel Candy Jade + Brass Bracelet

A stone of serenity, purity, and protection. It increases love + invites friendship and good luck into your life. Great for: friends + sisters

14 | Moonstone + Aquamarine Healing Stone Bracelet

Together these stones boost fertility + the ability to conceive. They also help maintain the hormonal balance, great for PMS, while regulating the hormonal cycle. Great for: expecting moms

15 | Hematite + Lava Diffuser Stone Bracelets

The perfect duo! Hematite heightens the ability to focus + gives confidence. Lava provides internal strength + guidance. This set is perfect for friends or significant others and is part of our distance duos collection. Gift one to a friend + the other to yourself!