Together We Rise

Together We Rise 

Think about what happens when someone on your basketball team makes a basket; you yourself also can bask in that win. You're with someone that is winning which if you ask me, you're winning too. You've put yourself in a situation of success. 

When I first started Infinite Warrior, the business was all stationery as I've always loved paper. The first store that I sold the line to was right down the street from where we lived in the most charming town in the western Chicago suburbs, Glen Ellyn. I remember walking to the store a couple times a week to see what new things they got in as they were a women's clothing + gift boutique.

In a rather short period of time from taking on Infinite Warrior, they needed a restock of my cards. Thinking back I was feeling rather important as I was a part of their success. Little did I realize what all went in to having a store, let alone all of that inventory. 

Years later I've learned more the ins and the outs of the retail boutique business which has helped me realize how Infinite Warrior plays a role. I'm grateful to say that we have had the opportunity to work with stores all over the United States. If those stores are doing well + succeeding, guess what? So are we! 

The purpose of the Together We Rise sticker that I created was to emphasize + remind people of that exact message. Thank you for being a part of our success here at Infinite Warrior!

Much love + light,