Spring 2023 Color Trends + Fashion | Crystal Bracelets


If you're one of those people that loves seeing all of the runway looks, I admittedly am too! The latest color trends for this spring have been so fun to pair with crystals. 

For those that aren't into wearing the colors from head to toe following the monochromatic look that has been so popular, there's hope. Wearing bold pops of color mixed with neutrals is very much in fashion as well and often times gives whatever stands out more of a spotlight. 

The eight colors that we ended up highlighting have rather fun names, but not necessarily do they help decipher what color tone they are. Beyond the picture, I wanted to give you a better idea of the colors that Infinite Warrior found pairings for: 

  • Crystal rose: icy pink tones
  • Gray lilac: blue, purple, gray tones
  • Vanilla cream: blush, creamy tones
  • Skylight: pale blues, water tones
  • Macchiato: rich browns + cream
  • Leek green: softer than an army green
  • Firey red: bold + rich
  • Empire yellow: bright + sunny

Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! 

Much light + love,