Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelets | January Birthstone Bracelets

Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelets | January Birthstone Bracelets

So many people are drawn to rose quartz even if it’s not their birthstone. The stone most often has a soft bubble gum pink-like tone, but you’ll see other hues in the Madagascar rose quartz that resemble more of a blush tone. 

The crystal encourages a happy mindset, offers overall balance, and a newfound life shift. The stone is vibrationally lifting for both mood + energy. It offers feelings of love + a euphoric loving environment. 

Since rose quartz is associated with healing the heart chakra, it’s not surprising that it’s a crystal of self-trust. The stone allows for self-forgiveness, opening a window of personal growth. 


Rose quartz is often a crystal you’ll see many people have on their person as it’s super protective. It also offers a friendly reminder to both acknowledge one’s self-worth.

Most often rose quartz plays a large role in Valentine’s Day as well. For those of you that are notorious for for gifting something pink for the February holiday, there are lots of fun options that you’re bound to love!

Are you a January birthday baby? I’m not but my grandma is and she LOVES rose quartz. 

Much light + love light to you!