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Loyalty Excitement

Back in 2014 when I first started developing the brand I had many years of shopping under my belt. Certain brands stood out to me with their packaging, others with how they continued to show up for their customers. 

One thing that stood out to me was how easy it was to feel like I was a part of something really special. I’m one of those people that loves knowing the whole story; whether it’s the design of the logo, the reason why there’s a jelly bean at the bottom of the cone (cue Wilson’s in Door County), or how it all started. 

When I'm really excited about something, it's really hard for me to keep a secret. Offering the new pieces to the members earlier than everyone else so that they too can share in the same excitement only made sense!

  • Receive early access to product launches! Normally we launch new products on Saturdays; you will have access 48 hours prior! Thursday mornings have never looked better!

If you have been following the brand for a while you know that often I am only able to buy a limited number of a stone lot depending on what the vendor has available. Taking into consideration that not everyone has access to all of the stores that carry the line, it seemed like a great option to offer some of those exclusive pieces to members as well. 

  • Exclusive access to products that we only offer to our retail partners! Often we get in a new bead + find ourselves selling out of it before it even hits the direct site. We will be mindful to launch the newbies to just you!

One thing that you hear me say over and over again is, "together we rise!" It's something that I truly believe that plays a part in every facet of our lives. If my retail partners are doing well, that means I'm doing well. If my 10 year old's dance team is thriving, that means I'm winning too. It is something that I feel like is so important to share that I wanted everyone to have a sticker with the friendly reminder. You'll find this colorful sticker in your box for your water bottle or laptop.

  • As you may have figured out, the purpose of the Together We Rise sticker that I created was to emphasize + remind people of that exact message. 

I've always enjoyed earning different badges from challenges that other brands I enjoy have. With the Infinite Warrior Loyalty Membership, I'll be participating in these challenges right along with the members. I love being able to share other ways to support small businesses beyond buying from them; this program shows you ways to do just that.

  • Opportunities to earn badges! Each month you’ll have an opportunity to do an Infinite Warrior challenge + get rewarded. Even better, the more badges you win, more Infinite Warrior swag will be coming your way! Hint: You’ll be able to pin these on your favorite jacket or bag!

When I first launched the Birthstone Collection I found it to be an easy way for people to gift others for their birthdays without having to narrow down the gift to a specific ailment. I've come to realize everyone loves the idea of something birthstone-related and this gives me the opportunity to celebrate with the members!

  • Birthday excitement in your mailbox! It’s a secret for now, but you’ll have something fun + on-theme in your home mailbox.

So with all of this, all members will have access to the loyalty program for an entire year, starting on the day the membership was purchased. 

I'm realizing that I've left out the part people seem to be most excited about. So is there anything tangible? Yes! A spinning rack or bowl, either one that makes more sense for the member. Another thing that was important to me was to have something that we could work on together. The intention kit that I put together has three pocket stones. The kit comes with information as to how to set intentions and how to use those three stones to one's benefit. Last, something that everyone needs in their practice is a cleansing duo; this set helps recharge your crystals + cleanse your space. Most people acknowledge a huge difference in their crystals when they have tools like this which is why I wanted to include them. 

Let me show you what this looks like!

If you're curious, the bowl membership is valued at $134.99. (wooden bowl, intention kit. cleansing duo, sticker, birthday gift, zodiac gift, + special surprises)

The spinning rack membership is valued at $214.99. (IW spinning rack, intention kit. cleansing duo, sticker, birthday gift, zodiac gift, special surprises). 

All in all, this was one of the longest projects that I have ever worked on. I'm excited that we are now able to offer it and 'm looking forward to see how the first year of badges goes. 

Much light + love,