Crystals for Sleep

Crystals for Sleep

I think it's probably fair to say that getting a good night's rest is something that everyone has trouble with from time to time. If we continue to not get adequate sleep, it can affect every area of our lives, and no one wants to wake up feeling like they need to go straight back to bed!

Recently one of our Infinite Warrior team members told me there was a night last week she had a lot of racing thoughts and had a hard time falling asleep. She got up, grabbed her amazonite bracelet, put it underneath her pillow, did a few breathing exercises, and fell right to sleep! It's no secret that amazonite is one of our house favorite crystals for sleep. 

When it comes to amazonite, it's consistently one of the crystals for anxiety and sleep that I recommend the most. Now if someone asks me for crystals for sleep and dreams I'm more inclined to suggest amethyst as it acts as a natural tranquillizer. It calms both the body and mind allowing the recipient to have peaceful, nightmare-free sleep. 

If someone comes to me asking for crystals for good sleep, I most often recommend sodalite + howlite if it sounds like it is a combination of needing to quiet a racing mind and just overall internal peace. Crystals for good sleep can also be loose crystals rather than just ones that you wear. I created a sleep aid kit to give you options. The kit includes a hematite bracelet which you will notice relaxes your body quickly as it happens to be the crystal that the human body reacts to the quickest. Hematite will ground you + make you feel rooted; both of these things allow it to be a crystal for good sleep. 

So if you have a hard time shutting off your racing thoughts, here are a few of my recommended healing stones to aid in a restful night's sleep:

AMAZONITE- Quiets a racing mind that prevents you from falling asleep.
amazonite bracelet
HOWLITE- Has a soothing energy that relieves insomnia and quiets an overactive mind.
SODALITE- Brings order and calmness to the mind and can prevent insomnia.
AMETHYST- Soothing and calming, it helps to relax and remove any stress and anxiety that may prevent you from sleeping.
Amethyst clusters

So I encourage you to try wearing these stones consistently to kickstart your new healthy sleep routine. My favorite that I wear is amazonite. It is our top-selling stone and helps quiet the monkey chatter throughout your day, or if you're like me, when you can't fall asleep at night because simply I'm just so excited about what's all going on.

If you're curious about other things that I have as a part of the equation, here are some of my favorites: 

Salt Lamp - The dust in my bedroom has significantly decreased as the lamp has been working extra hard to collect it. 

Diffuser - I've always loved setting this up an hour before I go to bed. I love setting the tone with an oil both aromatically + for the property benefits when I walk into the room. 

Essential Oils - I've also become one of those people that likes to sleep with a little oil on my feet since the human body responds so quickly to that. 

Silk Pillow Case  - This has been a savior for our hair as well in my house as we have been waking up tangle-free!

A few other things that I think are wise to learn more about:

How Blue Light Affects Sleep - I always wear my blue light glasses from Peepers a couple hours before my head hits the pillow. I notice a huge difference in how quickly I can shut off my mind when I wear them.  

Relaxing Wind Down Body Scan: Switching Off for Deep Sleep by Headspace - My husband turned me on to this + I've been pleasantly surprised how many people love this!

5 Minute Yoga for Sleep - The yogi in me is all about yoga before sleep. I've been consistent with putting my legs up the wall for years + Bella (my 10 year old!) does it with me. 

5 Minute Before Bed Affirmation Activity  - I've noticed how this sets the tone for my brain in the morning; I think it's an easy thing to make a priority once you notice the difference that only 5 minutes takes. 

That may have seemed like a lot but I wanted to give you all of the things that I love to do solely because there might be one that you like! Do you have any other tips that help you most for your best sleep? Hit reply and let me know!

Love + light,
Maria, founder + designer of Infinite Warrior