Handmade Crystal Bracelets | Infinite Warrior is Made in Milwaukee

Handmade Crystal Bracelets

Everyone is always so curious as to where I buy my beads. Since the very beginning, Infinite Warrior has always purchased from US vendors. Obviously the crystals are mined all over the world however I've made a point from day one to only buy locally; in this case, "locally" is the United States. 

When I first started this business I was doing the entire process myself. Somehow there was a bead shop just a few miles from where we were living in Glen Ellyn (Chicago suburbs) at the time. I remember bringing home the strands and sitting at my desk that was by our sliding glass doors walking out to our balcony.

Did you know that beads come most often in 15" strands? So for me that translates to two bracelets. I remember how much I loved cutting each individual strand back in 2014 before mixing all of the same type of stone beads together to then create many bracelets. I used a towel on my desk to keep the beads from rolling everywhere. 

In the summer of 2014, my family was in town visiting. We were walking up Main Street to get lunch in Glen Ellyn. One of the longtime standing women's clothing stores was closing after fashioning ladies for decades. We decided to walk in to see what kind of fixtures they were getting rid of as they were selling everything in the space. I happened to see these rectangular trays that were in the tailor's office. I showed them to my dad and he grabbed the entire stack of them and minutes later we were walking home with them. We still use those trays in the manufacturing room today!


Since that time the business has evolved and we've had the opportunity to move (back home for me!) to Milwaukee. We now have an office outside of my home and I have a team that helps me manufacture bracelets. I'm proud to say though that this whole time Infinite Warrior has been made in the Midwest. Yes our beads are from all over the world so that you have the best quality and most fun variety, but all of the pieces that are mailed out have been manufactured here in Milwaukee. 

So tell me, do you have a hobby that's turned into a business too? Share in the comments below!

Much light + love,