Crystal Bracelets for Pisces

Crystal Bracelets for Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so it naturally brings closure to the forefront. Often things that have been patterns, actions, and behaviors in the last twelve months this season often pushes us to tie up loose ends + make room for something new. 

Emotions, different kinds of commitments, and responsibilities are all things that fill our heads during this time helping us plan future goals in the next six months ahead. 

This season often encourages us to look more into our spiritual practices as the time becomes more dreamy rather than constant tasks at hand. Following this there will be a lightbulb-like moment when you're caught off guard yet the realization that you need to make a quick decision from that will make sense. 

If you're curious what the three crystals look like that are associated with Pisces, look no further. I personally love wearing aquamarine year-round for the benefits of the stone but it makes even more sense why anyone would be attracted to it during this season. It helps your body find balance again, something that many of us live without while we are juggling a lot. 

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