Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelets | April Birthstone Bracelets

There is a good chance that you've heard me refer to clear quartz as the "master healer". This beautiful white crystal amplifies the other stones' intentions and properties around you by absorbing, storing, releasing, + regulating energy. Because clear quartz directs and amplifies energy, it's exceptionally beneficial for manifesting and meditating.

If you've ever seen a clear quartz crystal bracelet on someone's wrist before, there is a chance that you've confused it for ice as it has that appearance. One thing that makes this crystal really stand out is that you can use it to amplify the energy of other stones, which makes it perfect for pairing alongside your other healing stone bracelets! Clear quartz can also spark memories, hone concentration, and bring you back to balance.

For all my Aries zodiac sign people, (HI! This is me!) it is our birthstone! Aries are known for being highly passionate and ambitious, both wonderful personality traits but can lead to burnout without the balance piece. Clear quartz comes in with its calming cool touch and its ability to regulate emotional overdrive.

Use clear quartz alone as a stone, or take advantage of the clear quartz bracelet benefits and wear a clear quartz crystal bracelet.

Do you have clear quartz in your collection? Comment below! Here is a video of me sharing all about it on our Instagram!

Love + light,