Citrine Crystal Bracelet - November Birthstone

Citrine Crystal Bracelet - November Birthstone

Citrine is an incredible self-esteem + self-confidence booster. It attracts wealth, prosperity, + success. It's very motivating, it increases concentration, + it emotionally balances the wearer. The stone fills you with feelings of comfort + warmth, it promotes internal strength, and it revitalizes the mind. It is a very motivating stone that revitalizes the mind. 


10mm polished citrine beaded bracelet


Citrine is associated with the sacral, crown, + solar plexus chakras. This stone helps bring balance back to each of those chakras. Citrine is associated with Aries, Gemini, Leo, + Libra zodiacs. 

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Many people are intuitively drawn to this stone as it is all about truth, goodness, + overall happiness. Physically the stone is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes; it stimulates digestion, the pancreas, + the spleen. 

You definitely don't have to have a November birthday to wear citrine! I most often wear a citrine ring on my righthand as I absolutely love the look of sunshine on my finger. 

Citrine loose pocket crystal

Let me know if you're a citrine lover too!

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