Best Healing Crystals for Sagittarius Season

Best Healing Crystals for Sagittarius Season


November 22 - December 21

If you know a Sagittarius or are one yourself, you know that it is one of the most optimistic, cup half full, + upbeat signs. It's also one that's innately dawn to extremes; no surprise! So when it comes to the adventure in life, anything deemed fun, higher learning, + long-distance travel are all wins during this season.

As the season progresses, you'll start to be more restless than usual. There is a chance that you're feeling drawn to tap into your inner globetrotter sooner than later. Maybe you're thinking about becoming a student, wanting to follow suit with the idea of growing your knowledge in something new + exciting. Chances are by taking a different workout class than usual, or even attending a holiday event, you can open yourself up to making new friends or colleagues. It's no secret that expanding your mind is a must during this dynamic season!

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